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Davidson Elf E-card
Launch Davidson Elf E-card

As is usual with my preferred method of working, graphics were supplied by the lovely folk over at Davidson Branding. I had a tight deadline on this and set work coding using a combination of flash classes, tweening classes and timeline based keyframing - whatever was quickest and most appropropriate for animating the particular element. The trampoline bouncing is randomized and done with TweenLite. The white cracker explosion shape and final fades of text are on the timeline. All of the elements are centred for full-screen flash scalability.

This uses SeniorCreative's particle generator classes for the snow background (this is very similar to my rain generator you can see in the code section). I also have an audio controller class for playing library sfx and manipulating them.... more as3 classes will be posted on in the code section in 2010.