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A few years back I noticed how all my client's were now wanting to be able to edit their own content. I had started to make a couple of custom content management systems. I made a business decision to avoid some of the existing opensouce libraries and create my own system, based upon the fact that I want to be able to make a CMS which can be the back-end to any sort of website, flash gadget or flash site. As I've made more and more I've found which parts of code could be templated and streamlined to make this as efficient as possible. It has now evolved into SeniorCMS. It is advanced and requires strong MySQL, database design and PHP skills but its a mega useful tool for a developer to quickly crank out a CMS.

This system is the backbone of almost all of the sites you see in my folio.


Key points about SeniorCMS

  • WYSIWYG Text Editing using either TinyMCE or SeniorCreative's Actionscript 3.0 editor
  • Upload PNG/GIF/JPEG images and resize into multiple images
  • Drag and drop shuffle function for prioritizing content
  • Uses jQuery for AJAX commands, rounding div elements
  • Lightweight and fast


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SeniorStore E-commerce System
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