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I've done a broad range of animations over the last ten years. Wherever possible I like to animate elements with code rather than on the timeline. This has been made much easier of the last few years with the increasing powers of tweening classes. For basic tweens I use caurina and greensock's Tweenlite,  but I also have written a lot of my own particle generator classes, and often use circular trigonometry for when things need to get a bit more intricate...

2011 [ 1 item ]  
Surf Lifesavers Australia Flash Kids Games
viewed 1041 times this monthSurf Lifesavers Australia Flash Kids Games

2010 [ 3 items ]  
RDNS Xmas 2010 E-card
viewed 709 times this monthRDNS Xmas 2010 E-card
viewed 531 times this monthCreateCommunicate2C
Kid Teaching Kids Splash Anim
viewed 261 times this monthKid Teaching Kids Splash Anim

2009 [ 3 items ]  
Davidson Elf E-card
viewed 504 times this monthDavidson Elf E-card
Pimp Our Project
viewed 475 times this monthPimp Our Project
Milk Baby
viewed 806 times this monthMilk Baby

2008 [ 4 items ]  
Thatworks Flash Site
viewed 702 times this monthThatworks Flash Site
CashelHouseGroup Site
viewed 483 times this monthCashelHouseGroup Site
Wolfsburgh Autos Animation
viewed 232 times this monthWolfsburgh Autos Animation
Being 3
viewed 952 times this monthBeing 3

2007 [ 6 items ]  
Timecode Converter (Actionscript 3.0)
viewed 216 times this monthTimecode Converter (Actionscript 3.0)
Disco Ball
viewed 278 times this monthDisco Ball
Red Alert Siren
viewed 355 times this monthRed Alert Siren
Trains and Trams
viewed 241 times this monthTrains and Trams
Interactive Mobile
viewed 551 times this monthInteractive Mobile
flash 8 lens flare
viewed 252 times this monthflash 8 lens flare

2006 [ 3 items ]  
Dynamite Exploder
viewed 299 times this monthDynamite Exploder
Brotown Competition
viewed 754 times this monthBrotown Competition
Three Mobile MTV Animation
viewed 233 times this monthThree Mobile MTV Animation

2005 [ 4 items ]  
dpTV Channels Online Advertisement
viewed 497 times this monthdpTV Channels Online Advertisement
Clares Fairy Factory dragonfly
viewed 267 times this monthClares Fairy Factory dragonfly
FTO DVD Concept / Pitch
viewed 1553 times this monthFTO DVD Concept / Pitch
Girl Friday 3D Bag Navigator
viewed 292 times this monthGirl Friday 3D Bag Navigator

2003 [ 1 item ]  
Wheelie Bin Laden
viewed 233 times this monthWheelie Bin Laden

2002 [ 1 item ]  
Threesixty Presentation
viewed 236 times this monthThreesixty Presentation

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