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Thanks for dropping by. Please note - this website is no longer being updated as of January 2012. This was my business for almost 6 years before I finally had to concede the demise of Flash and move in a different direction. I now work for Caramel Creative making e-commerce sites, large internet applications and websites, mobile apps and HTML5 web apps, and specialise in custom content management systems and interface design.

I plan to relaunch my (now clearly dated) folio in the next couple of years with much more development focussed content and based it around a more blog-like structure. I started making this site in 2006 when I knew next to nothing about PHP. Have come a long way since. Cheers

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This is the folio of international award-winning independent freelance multimedia developer Steven Smith. This is an online collection of digital media examples going back as far as some antiques from 1998.

SeniorCreative is my company and we develop websites, flash apps and games, specialising in custom-built content managed solutions for e-commerce, digital signage and video systems. We efficiently tailor-make systems that enhance your brand and streamline your business processes.

We code with jQuery, PHP, MySQL and ActionScript 3, test and deploy applications across multiple platforms. Our systems can incorporate SEO, analytics and social networking integration as part of the development process wherever applicable.

So if you need something digital custom-made?  Contact SeniorCreative.

Candana Designs
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Candana Designs

 JAN 2011
Really pleased to show this site - which was built over the course of 2010. This was built in collaboration with Nick Gascoigne at Liquidshape. The site uses flash gadgetry for drilling down through a vast collection of snazzy bathroom and interior furnishings for this Sydney design showroom - Candana.

Surf Lifesavers Australia Flash Kids Games
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Surf Lifesavers Australia Flash Kids Games

 FEB 2011
I coded these games on behalf of Ink Project in Sydney for SLSA (Surf Life Savers Australia) at Bondi. The awesome creative team at Ink supplied me all of the graphical elements, music and sfx and I brought everything to life and programmed all the logic for the games. The games were built over a 7-8 week period starting October 2010 but were not launched until summer 2011. I still love flash games and think theres a place for them on the web for a while to come yet...

Carlton Natural Blonde
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Carlton Natural Blonde

 MAR 2009
Flash full-screen extravaganza for Melbourne agency Emote Digital. SeniorCreative was partly involved in creative concept and flash design, but in general graphics and styles were provided to me by Emote. SeniorCreative coded the entire site as well as the embedded flash as3 galaga game, which has gone on to be a hit in some obscure places around the world. To play the Galaga game click here!

Carlton Draught Footy Show Meatwheel Competition
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Carlton Draught Footy Show Meatwheel Competition

 MAR 2011
Back on board doing some flash AS3 stuff for the guys over at Emote Digital in Melbourne. Rebuilt this competition engine for them. I watched the winners being picked on the footy show last night and had a good feeling knowing the winner has used my competition to win a trip to London. Good on him! Please note - I have only coded the meatwheel competition. Creative and original site source files were supplied by Emote Digital.

Galaga Flash AS3 Remake
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Galaga Flash AS3 Remake

 MAR 2009
This is a flash actionscript 3 remake of the old arcade classic game 'Galaga', for emotedigital. Coded by SeniorCreative, graphics by Chris Forsyth at emotedigital, Melbourne.

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